Sarah Palin's Hand Notes

This is huge. Forget Watergate, Forget Bill Clinton, forget any political scandal, because those are all small beans. The MSM is going nuts over the biggest political scandal of our, or anyone's lifetime: Sarah Palin had notes written on her hand during a speech. Where is the investigation into this? This is uncalled for, and totally outrageous. Why can't she just read verbatim from a teleprompter like the anointed one?

Not to be outdone, Biden and Obama have started copying Palin, in hopes of leeching some of her popularity.

But was Sarah going to take this lying down? No, she isn't John Edwards Mistress or a Clinton intern. Sarah mocked the media by writing "Hi Mom" on her hand, while out campaigning for Rick Perry. If they are gonna focus on what she writes on her digits, it might as well be something nice.

I can only imagine the uproar a few index cards would have caused.


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