No Snow = Global Warming But Lot's of Snow Also = Global Warming

Via Rush:

BYRD 2002: We need a climate change strategy badly. Look at the kind of winter we've had here in Washington. One snow, three inches? What can we expect for the spring and summer seasons? What's going to happen to our crops, our livestock, our economy? This is serious. I've lived a long time, 84 years. Something's going wrong out there. I don't need a scientist to tell me that. We had better do something about it.

RUSH: You gotta listen to this, folks. These are Democrats complaining global warming proved by no snow. No snow in Washington, 2002, proves global warming. Yesterday and the day before, all of this snow in Washington proves global warming. They both can't be right. Here's Barbara Boxer, October 29th, 2007, on the Senate floor.

BOXER 2007: He also remarked that the most optimistic climate models for the second half of this century suggest that 30 to 70% of the snow pack will disappear. Now, no wonder we have people visiting our offices who are just already hurting from the recreation industry in this nation. They see what's happening. They see the handwriting on the wall. We have to act.

RUSH: The ski industry was visiting her office. By the way, do you know why we have Presidents Day? The ski industry. The ski industry lobbied for a three-day holiday during the height of ski season in February so that's one of the reasons why there's a Presidents Day. So almost three years ago, well, two and a half years ago, Barbara Boxer worried, not enough snow, ski industry complaining, global warming. Snowmobile association upset, too. April 22nd, 2008, in Washington, Senator Amy Klobuchar, Minnesota, on the Senate floor.

KLOBUCHAR 2008: I heard it from the head of our snowmobile association who testified at a forum that I had with our governor on climate change in January because they've seen decreasing snow levels. I hear about it from ice fishermen because they have seen that it takes longer for the ice to freeze and they can't put their fish house out.

RUSH: Oh, man, global warming as recently as 2007 because there's no ice and there's no snow. Now we have record snows and it proves global warming. Barbara Boxer, March 19th, 2009, environment public works economy hearing.

BOXER 2009: Looking at the United States of America, the IPCC clearly warned that unchecked global warming will lead to reduced snow pack in the western mountains, critically reducing access to water, which is our lifeblood.

RUSH: Lack of snow could threaten the water supply, lack of snow due to global warming. Di Fi, same theme, June 21st, 2005, on the Senate floor.

FEINSTEIN 2005: The Sierra Nevada snow pack is the largest source of water. The snow pack equals about half the storage capacity of all of California's man-made reservoirs. By the end of the century, the shrinking of the snow pack will eliminate the water source for 16 million people.

RUSH: Are you catching this, folks? This is out and out BS. These are full-fledged lies brought about by a political allegiance to a leftist scam and hoax called global warming. We may have snow in all 50 states by the time this weekend is over. In fact, it did snow in northern Florida. I think at an Air Force Base. They're getting 12 inches of global warming in Montgomery, Alabama. Twelve inches of global warming in Alabama! It's 'cause of global warming, ladies and gentlemen. And yet two years ago, five years ago, three years ago, the lack of snow was due to global warming. I'm playing all these just to illustrate for you that these people have no idea what they're talking about. They're simply pushing a political agenda. Barbara Boxer again, October 29th, 2007, Senate floor.

BOXER 2007: The potential consequences will be devastating for our families in the future and for the world. Now we're seeing the early warning signs. People can come down to this floor and say whatever they want. We've seen melting of snow, we have seen melting of permafrost, increased temperatures, warming of lakes, rivers, oceans, changes in the seasons.

RUSH: We've seen none of that. We haven't seen any changes in the seasons! Twenty-five years ago, 14 inches of snow, 26 years ago in Rome, it's happened again. Is that a trend? Is it an anomaly or is it just nature? Could it just be nature? Jay Inslee, representative, Democrat, Washington, on the House floor, ski industry again.

INSLEE 2005: The ski industry in the Cascade Mountains in Washington essentially was shut down this year. My son's on ski patrol and he worked for three days this year, there was no snow. And having no snow is consistent with what the models will predict will become a significant problem for us in the future.

RUSH: That's July 20th, 2005, no snow, global warming, oh, the models are telling us huge problems. Now record snowfalls, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington, it's global warming. They cannot have it both ways. You can't say when there's less snow that's global warming and when there's more snow than normal that's global warming. They're trying to but it will not pass the smell test.


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