Come Eat at the Government Trough - Food Stamps for Everyone

If you want to get depressed or angry, the New York Times has an article celebrating the effort by politicians at all levels of government to lure more people into the food stamp program. New York City is running ads in foreign languagues asking people to stick their snouts in the public trough. The City is even signing up prisoners when they get out of jail. The state of New York, meanwhile, actually set up quotas for enrolling new recipients. And on the federal level, there apparently is a program that gives states “bonuses” for putting more people on the dole. No wonder one out of every eight Americans is receiving food stamps.

Are there some people that genuinely need food assistance? Of course. Are there some people that would be just fine without it, but use food stamps anyway? Yep. More that once I have seen people use WIC or food stamps, while wearing nice clothes, carrying nice cell phones, etc. The system is abused, it causes dependency, it's used as a tool by politicians, and it needs to be reworked.



RIP said...

Sickening what is being done. Trying to get people dependent on the government for the basics in life. Seems like the only ones with jobs anymore are those who work for the government. Foodstamps = job security.

Anonymous said...

You are a Nazi

Notorious Nick said...

Yes I am; a punctuation Nazi. Please attach a period to the end of your insults.

Anonymous said...

Just to put it out there.

The government wants everyone to depend on them, they are getting us used to them controlling our food, etc.

This is all apart of the big scheme to tap everyone with a device and everything you own will be on that device. No more money, just digits on a computer screen.

Oh and don't think you can just refuse the device and be fine. You will no longer be a member of society, but rather a criminal or "homegrown terrorist".

Just another little piece of information. America now has militants from foreign countries who are being trained to deal with these so called "homegrown terrorist".

So beware, be afraid, and get ready for global imprisonment.

Peace all.

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