Letter from a Deranged Liberal

I love when liberals are sad, because things didn't work out the way they wanted. I'm even more happy when they are angry, because that means things are going terribly. That is why I was so happy to come across this letter posted on Moonbattery. The letter is from some wa-wa baby, drama queen, bleeding heart of a liberal, expressing their white hot rage over the people of Massachusetts exercising their democratic muscle, sending the administration a strong message.

Via Moonbattery:


AIDS-addled drama empress Andrew Sullivan posts the following letter from an equally deranged reader, who is apoplectic over the people's recent expression of their will:

I can't remember the last time I felt such overwhelming rage toward a group of people as I have felt toward the Republican Party and the conservative movement since President Obama's election. I simply cannot grasp what motivates these people, what compels them to thwart even the smallest attempts to clean up the enormous destruction they wrought under Bush and Cheney. Irresponsible, hateful, mendacious, sleazy, destructive - these words do not even begin to describe them. I am unemployed and have not found a new job after almost a year of searching. I have a mortgage. I also have a preexisting medical condition, thanks to emergency surgery I had to undergo nearly 18 months ago. My unemployment benefits expire in five months, my COBRA not long after. Like untold millions of Americans, I am preparing for the worst as the economy slogs through its agonizing turnaround. I voted for Obama with proud but open eyes, knowing full well not just the magnitude of the tasks he faced, but the pure, unrestrained malevolence of his opposition. Health care reform will unquestionably help people like me. And now some low-rent hairdo, whose sole claim to fame is posing naked for some ladies' magazine way back when, may happily destroy whatever chance this country has at moving in a more just, humane, and morally and fiscally responsible direction. As you stated, the Republican Party of this new century is shot through with nihilists. Unabashed nihilists. But what leaves me shaking with anger damn near every day since President Obama's inauguration is the pure smugness and nonchalance of their nihilism. Palin, McConnell, DeMint, Boehner, Cantor, Rubio, Scott Brown and the rest of the Ailes- and Limbaugh-warped GOP: Would you trust any one of these goons to greet you at Wal-Mart, much less govern our country? The question answers itself. They literally care nothing for America. They have spent the past decade doubling the national debt, running up record deficits, indulging the depradations of Wall Street, expanding Medicare by a trillion dollars while refusing to cover the cost, needlessly and shamelessly cutting taxes by two trillion dollars while again refusing to cover the cost, degrading the Army and Marine Corps to the point where it will take them both at least a decade to recover, jailing and torturing detainees and lying about it, manipulating intelligence in order to invade Iraq out of some sick neocon thirst for vanity and glory. I could go on, but that would take hours, and only make me angrier. Suffice to say that Republicans lecturing the country about fiscal responsibilty, economic recovery, governing - or anything else, for that matter - would be like Mick Jagger lecturing Mother Teresa about excessive promiscuity. Karl Rove and Dick Cheney were thankfully not present at America's founding. But their political descendants will certainly be present at America's demise.


Adam M. Woodford said...

Words cannot express ... the message pretty much speaks for itself. And perhaps most unfortunately (for them), this is the mentality that costs their side elections. Their torment, it seems, is our victory.

Anonymous said...

NO conservative denies the need for health care/health insurance reform.
People who are uninsured/under-insured through no fault of their own DO need help.
MANY people are uninsured by CHOICE.
The federal government has NO constitutional authority to force anyone to purchase ANY form of goods or services.

Notorious Nick said...

Well said by the both of you. I don't know about you two, but the tears of liberals give me strength. When they are this mad, it means we are doing very, very well.

rosey said...

It is a hell of a scream wih streams of tears rolling down my face. I woke up this morning for the first time in a year to the delight that the socialist were busy tearing each other apart while I slept like a fine conservative baby.

I could refute this letter point by point but hey, it is better to just "soak in their pain like a zen master"!

Anonymous said...

Liberal whining is music to my ears.

Noah Steele Kline said...

Very typical left-wing, brain washed ranting. What I find most profound after reading this cry-baby’s rant is how upset this person is over republicans – but republicans did not even elect Scott Brown. Massachusetts is comprised largely of registered democrats. Registered Republicans comprise less than 25% of the State. Conservatism is what the won in Massachusetts, not those “Irresponsible, hateful, mendacious, sleazy, destructive” Republicans. This person desperately needs to get a job – or at least a hobby. Sitting at home all day listening to Ed Schultz and Chris Matthews clearly isn’t doing this person any good…

Notorious Nick said...

Well said. Reminds me, why hasn't this person found a new job within the last year? If he was fired from McDonalds, try Burger King. I hear the benefits are just as good.

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