Bonnie Johnson Rips on Tea Party and Conservatives

Bonnie Johnson, whoever that is, wrote a very, very incendiary article on the Tea Party movement. It is pure garbage, with no use of facts, filled entirely with insults, subjective criticism and pure liberal drivel. Thanks to Steph for sending me the link. Here is the first little bit, you can read the rest on Tuscola Today. Make sure to leave some nice comments on their site.

One of the goals of the TEA Party movement is to persuade those who revel in hysteria and paranoia, that they have a superior understanding of the U.S. Constitution. They want you to believe our U.S. Constitution is being abused and ignored by our current President and Congress. It’s likely that Tom Wassa, who is teaching classes at the next three TEA Party meetings at the Vassar library, will denounce the accuracy of what is being taught in our schools and attempt to convince you that Republicans have the correct interpretation of our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

You see, the Constitution Coalition is just one tool the TEA Baggers use in blaming the Democratic Party for not complying with the Constitution while denying that George Bush and Dick Cheney had the worst record in history for overriding the Constitution.

This week, it was announced that the success of the TEA Party movement is threatened by internal rifts and profiteering by leaders of these cult-like groups. Rifts caused the demise of similar populist groups back in the days of FDR when he also was the victim of conservative attacks at a time when our country was experiencing an oppressive economy.

Currently, there are at least seven TEA Party groups: the TP Patriots, the TP Express, the TP Nation, the New American TP, the TP Revolution, the Real TP and the Free Pocket Constitution. The groups are a fascinating compilation that seems to be dominated by false information promoted to influence public opinion or the government. They demonstrate a high degree of alarmism, doom and gloom coupled with a serious lack of journalistic integrity.

Seriously Bonnie, who the hell are you? What gives you the right to say any of these things? What actual knowledge or understanding do you have of the Tea Party movement? It's goals? Ideology? Purpose? The answer is none, zero, nada. You are a flaming liberal, drama queen, whiner, closed minded hater. Stick to what you know, and write about the benefits of tofu, and why Birkenstock makes the best sandals.


Anonymous said...

I find it very interesting that Bonnie comments that the TEA party groups are "a fascinating compilation that seems to be dominated by false information", and yet, if she had even read the description of the re TEA party website, it says specifically that they are comprised of not only Republicans and Democrats, but also that many are not exactly fond of ANY politician, including Bush.

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