Walmart Electric Carts

Now, I am going to speak in broad generalities here, and I understand there are exceptions, and I can't ever really know the reason for their use. But that said, I'd like to take a moment to rant.

Anyone who has been to Walmart, or any store with electric shopping carts, has likely seen someone using them that doesn't need to. I am speaking specifically about people who are just lazy.

On many occasions I have seen very overweight people park in a handicap parking space, get out of their car, quite ably, easily stride into Walmart, and then park their plump behinds onto electric carts. Listen, there is a reason you can't lose all that extra weight, because you will take any shortcut you can to avoid exercise. Yes, it may hurt your feet, you may have bad knees, maybe you have a bad back, etc. But, the kicker is, these are all conditions related to obesity. If you power through the pain, and lose the weight, these ailments will go away.

Then, to top it all off, a lot of these people will not leave the cart in the store when exiting, like they are supposed to. Instead, they will leave these carts out in the parking lot, forcing someone else to come out and bring them back in.

It's not people's weight that bothers me, some people genuinely struggle with it, and that is fine, my heart goes out to them. What bothers me is laziness. Quit being lazy people. If our ancestors could walk for miles, plow fields all day, or swing a hammer for twelve hours, then we can walk around the grocery store.

I understand some people genuinely need them, and may not have apparent signs of illness. For instance my mother has MS, but looks healthy. But for all the dozens upon dozens of people I have seen use them, who appear fine, you can't tell me every one had a legitimate excuse.

Save those carts for people who really need them, the elderly, those with injuries, etc.


Linda said...

Yes, obesity wouldn't be a problem if they would just move more, however, you can't just decide that their weight is the problem. I am overweight, but also have asthma. When I am experiencing breathing difficulties, I have been known to use the cart. You might think it was because I'm fat, but it has more to do with a desire to breathe.

Nifty Nick said...


I understand I was a little broad stroked with my brush, and that there are certainly exceptions, but they can't all be in dire need can they?

Attorney Optimization said...

As for the really super-sized fat people having handicapped parking and using electric carts, I try not to think about their medical problems and whether or not their weight is the sole reason for it.

Anonymous said...

Classifications of obesity:
I: Normal.
II: Fatter than me.
III: When (s)he goes camping, the bears hide THEIR food.
IV: Has own ZIP code.
VI: Has own gravitational field.

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