News Headlines - 12 02 09

VIDEO: MSNBC Chris Matthews calls West Point the 'enemy camp'... - What a tool.

CLIMATEGATE: Scientist at center of e-mail controversy to step down...
Penn State Professor also under investigation...
Inhofe Asks Boxer to Probe Potential Scientific 'Conspiracy'...
Australia's Parliament defeats global warming bill... - Good for them.
'It's all unravelling now'...
North Texas Wakes to Big Snowflakes... - That's ok, Bill Clinton says that global warming will make some places colder.
Let's Not Forget Big Media's Role in ClimateGate - Keeping their mouths shut, until forced to say something.

ADP Says US Companies Cut Estimated 169000 Jobs - Hope and change.
US private sector job cuts fall for eighth straight month - It's Bush's fault.

Taliban Say Surge Will Strengthen Resolve - All the resolve in the world won't save you from teh Marines.
DER SPIEGEL: 'Never before has a speech by President Barack Obama felt as false'...
Watch Obama's full speech - Grab a pillow.
Palin: Win The War, Don't Set A Timetable

GOP Blasts Obama Over Alleged ACORN Ties
Stunning New ACORN Revelations, NY Times Cover-Up

Health Care Bill:
Senators Seek Abortion Restrictions in Health Bill

Video: Iraqi Reporter Throws Shoe at Iraqi Reporter Who Threw Shoe at Bush - Haha.

Al Gore, the 43rd President of the United States
Kill All The Lawyers, Part II
Obama "surge" is a "restraint".
More reactions to minaret ban, reactions to Obama’s Af-Pak strategy
All the president’s ClimateGate deniers
US Troops Skeptical About Obama’s Plan
The Policy Blessing of Climategate
New Lefty Outrage: Gasp, Sarah Palin Flies in Planes!
Paul Rahe: Can Obama save his presidency? (2)
Daniel Hannan, Lisbon Treaty & The Loss Of The UK’s Sovereignty To The EU
Another Muslim Terrorist? Black Muslims Call Cop Killer "Martyr"


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