Rifle Range Mishap - Somebody is Watching Out for this Guy

This guy is shooting a 50 CAL. Watch the dust when he fires. The target is a steel plate, 1000 yards away (or is 100 yards?). You can hear the ping of the hit, and then the bullet comes back and hits the ground just in front of his position, then tumbles up hitting his earmuffs, knocking them off of his head. The footage is amazing. You can hear the bullet as it tumbles through the air on its course back toward the shooter. He's lucky it hit the dirt first. He is okay, and obviously very lucky. The bullet grazed his temple. What a difference a half an inch makes.


Anonymous said...

That must be one devil of a steel plate to richocet a M2 Ball

Shootist said...

After viewing this I call fake. You hear the ping only a moment after firing. Neither sound nor bullets travel that fast.

1000 meters? Back of the envelope calculations suggest that sound travels ~350m/s at sea level. The muzzle velocity of a .50 browning is 893m/s.

So the bullet should take MORE than a second to reach its target and the sound of the bullet's impact should take ~3 seconds to reach our ears.

Anonymous said...

even if this happened, and I doubt it. Didn't these guys think about tilting the steel target on an angle back toward the shooter to drive the bullet into the ground? Pretty dumb.

Nifty Nick said...

Found a guy on a message board that claims that is his brother's son in the video.

"Author: gandreas
Date: Dec 23, 2009 - 10:35am
Nominate for Post of the Day!
brothers boy. They are from Vernal Utah. Yes he is lucky...


Anonymous said...

If that's the plate in the picture it looks more like 100 than 1000.

Anonymous said...

50 BMG rounds travel 2810 feet per second. That's .532196 miles per second or 31.9318 miles a minute or 1915.90 miles an hour for those who don't think a 50 BMG can travel that fast. And, the speed of sound is 768 miles per hour or 12.8 miles a minute or .2133 miles per second or 1126.224 feet per second for those same folks that don't think sound can travel that fast. It doesn't take a Astrophysicist to figure that out. Yes this video can be the real thing.

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