Illinois Patriots - Gitmo Prison Rally

Please join us on December 22nd, for the General Assembly Hearing at Sterling High School, 1608 4th Avenue, Sterling, Illinois. The hearing begins at 2pm. Senators and Congressmen will gather inside the Cenntennial Auditorium to debate the pros and cons of selling the Thomson Prison to the Federal Government to house the Gitmo Detainees. This forum is open to the public. Please join us around 12pm "noon" out in front of Sterling High School.

The following is the link to the Chicago Tribune article regarding this hearing:,0,102556.story

The terrorists who our elected officials are going to bring to the Thomson Prison, in the State of Illinois, are the very people responsible for our Heroes names on the Wall in Marseilles, Illinois. This is a slap in the face of every Gold Star Family if they bring these terrorists here! These brave Heroes gave their lives to keep us safe and this is wrong and twisted to bring these terrorists here or anywhere in this country.

Our tax dollars paid for the 400 million dollar facility at Gitmo they currently inhabit and it is nicer than some of the homes the people of Illinois occupy! Leave them at Gitmo!

My passion runs high as it should, out of respect for my Son's brothers who didn't come home, and out of respect for my Son, who served 4 deployments with the 82nd Airborne fighting to keep us all safe here. If Senator Durbin and Gov Quinn get their way, the sacrifice of all these brave Warriors is in vain. This is the ultimate slap in the face and Gov Quinn should not support this. If he wants to make the Thompson facility productive and create jobs, take the prisoners from California that are being turned out into their streets, and bring those prisoners here.

I am appealing to all our Gold Star Families, Blue Star Families, and Those Who Support Them: Please join us on December 22 for the General Assembly Hearing at Sterling High School, 1608 4th Avenue, Sterling, Illinois at 12:00pm. We Cannot Allow The Murderers of Our Heroes Whose Names are Etched on the Freedom Run Wall to Come To The Very Country They Gave Their Lives to Protect!

Please Join Us. Please Understand, if they come here, they will be released here, sooner or later, after your tax dollars are spent feeding them and defending them. My son fought hard to keep these butchers from hurting his family and his country, I intend to fight hard to honor his service and keep our family and our country safe. As far as I'm concerned, the line in the sand is drawn, and I stand on the side of our Soldiers and our country, not on the side of the terrorists. I hope to see all of you on December 22nd!


Anonymous said...

I am a military mom. I am very much in favor of having the terrorists housed in Illinois where our military vets can help make sure they are given a warm midwestern welcome. If our sons and daughters can guard Saddam Hussein, they can guard these hoodlums and get paid top wages and earn some great benefits for their old age.

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