They Picked the Wrong Man to Rob

I recieved this by e-mail, and have not yet found it's source to corroberate the story. This may be Mexico City, not El Paso.

Living on the border, we are all familiar with criminals coming from Mexican
gangs. In this situation three armed felons crossed the US border, and tried to
rob an off duty El Paso, Texas Police Officer dressed in civilian clothes while
he stood in front of a bank. The plan was for two of them to grab his backpack
and toss it to an accomplice on a stolen motorcycle. However, the well prepared
Police Officer shot all of them, managing to kill 2 immediately. The 3rd one was
shot in both arms and bleed to death before help arrived. Gun used: a 40 cal.


Anonymous said...

Well done officer!

Gideon Reader said...

I am sorry to say it does not lok like any shooting scene I have ever seen in 34 yers of active LE. Blood color is not correct. and body positions are not those of "real live" dead people. I am forced to call BS.

joe plumbers 4th cousin removed said...

More likely Brazil, not El Paso (good shooting if by a good guy).

Nifty Nick said...

Well it could be, I don't know. If it is a fake, I wonder how that guys arm got so messed up. I just don't know.

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