WWII Veteran Flies Flag Upside Down in Protest

A friend of a friend in Midland, Texas is protesting the federal government's spending and push for nationalized healthcare. Thomas Flournoy, a WWII veteran, is flying his flag upside down, as a sign of distress. From KWES:

One Midlander says enough is enough with the federal government. He says outragous spending and a push for Nationalized healthcare has put him over the top. Now, he's not only protesting, but sending out a sign of distress. On Tuesday, NewsWest 9 spoke with the World War II Veteran who is telling everyone to fly their flags upside down.

"We've got to concentrate on saving our Constitution, and I'm out here trying to get people to realize they've got to devote some time to this project to saving our Constitution," 85-year-old Thomas Flournoy, said. "Otherwise, we are going to lose our soverignity."

Midlanders driving in the neighborhood near Kansas and Midkiff may not even notice it at first glance. However, on second look, one can spot the U.S. flag flying upside down. Flournoy said he's sending out a distress for America.

"And that's exactly what I am doing is defending, and letting everybody else know that they should be defending the Constitution," Flournoy explained. "And that's the reason I'm flying that flag up there upside down. Come on America, let's pay attention."

Flournoy said the problems with the federal government started with Woodrow Wilson and span decades. Now, he said President Obama's postion on healthcare and stimulus spending are damaging to the Country.

"Everything he proposes is unconstitutional. In fact, Obama before he became President, made a statement that our Constitution was outdated because it did not have provisions in there for redistributing of the wealth," Flournoy said.
Here is a letter he sent to the editor of the MidlandReporter-Telegram:

Fact: Displaying the flag of the United States of America in an upside down manner is known as a distress signal. Distress is defined as “great danger of difficulty with immediate assistance needed.”

Fact: On the 17th day of September 2009, the first day of Constitution Week, I raised my 3-foot-by-5-foot made-in-America, American Flag to full staff of my flag pole.

Fact: All elected and non-elected citizens of government are required to take an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution.

Fact: As a candidate they work ever so hard to convince us they are one with greatest integrity ever. However when they get a little authority as they assume, they begin to exercise unrighteous dominion. They do not honor their oath. Their constituency never calls them down because they are ignorant about the Constitution. Example: Obama’s “Czar” is not authorized by the Constitution.

Fact: Consequently, this blatant disregard for their integrity and oath, the Constitution of the United States of America, is on the brink of total destruction and is in great need of immediate assistance.

Fact: I have dedicated myself to flying our flag upside down 24/7 until every member of all three branches honor their oath 100 percent of the time.

Fact: Myself alone flying my flag upside down will have very little effect in accomplishing my goal.

Fact: This should be our goal. I invite all individual’s lapels, homes, schools, banks, businesses, city, county and federal buildings across America to display our flag upside down. Do not have a flag? Get one that is made in the USA. Do it for the Constitution.

Show your love for our Constitution and Jesus Christ who gave it to us and remember without our Constitution there would be no flag to wave, display and love.

Thank you. WWII veteran and native Midlander.

Thomas Flournoy
If you agree with Mr. Flournoy, perhaps you could fly your flag in distress as well. But whatever you do, make your voice heard, and let the people and the government know that we won't, can't, and don't have to stand for it.


Chad Tudor said...

Damn straight! I'm configuring an upside down flag, Don't Tread on Me, and II American Revolution on my property in Montana.

Lori Smith said...

I'm flying my flag upside down as we speak, and catching all kinds of flak for it. I'll stand for freedom until they knockme down and I can no longer stand. Proud Us Navy veteran....

Lori Smith said...

I fotgot to mention to you, I'm in Garland, Tx, and it's been flying upside down since Ft. Hood.

Proud Veteran, married to a 20 year Veteran of the US Navy!

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