Worthwhile Reads Concerning Tuesdays Election

Some worthwhile reads from our friend Stephanie:

NY 23 And What It Should Mean to ALL Republicans Going Forward.

The NRCC didn’t just spend it backing Scozzafava, they spent it attacking the conservative and gave the Democrat a pass at least till Dede finally backed out. Her endorsement of the Democrat can’t be ignored as a factor as well.
URGENT: Everyone must know the facts of the November 3, 2009 Election

It has been acknowledge that Conservatives won some important elections on November 3, 2009 Election, but there are some elements that must be understood, and what Obama, Socialist Democrats, and main stream media will do over the next coming weeks and months. We all know what Obama is capable of doing from restricting free speech to restricting access to American Citizens. This election was devastating to him, and he fully understands that, and he will be out for blood
Thanks Stephanie!


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