Environmental Solution

So I was thinking about environmentalists, and the concept of being eco-friendly, going green, and minimizing your carbon footprint. It occurred to me, why don't environmentalists just kill themselves? Can you think of a more effective way to reduce your carbon footprint? Think about it, one less person, means less electricity use, less plastics use, less land and air being occupied and contaminated. Besides just using less resources, their decomposing bodies would fertilize the soil. Talk about a double whammy.

Most are for population control anyway, so they shouldn't be opposed to this idea. That way, I don't have to have less kids, and they still get their smaller world population.


Snarky Basterd said...

I have one better: Why not let us kill them? We get to clean up the planet, rid ourselves of nonsensical people, and uses our bullets for that which we purchase them: to stop criminals in their tracks.

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