Politics as Usual

Hope and change; where is it? If you ask me, it's still just politics, and it's worse than ever. The Washington Times reported that Obama has been offering nice little perks and incentives to high rolling democrat donors. Pay a little green, get a free game of golf with the president. That would explain why he has played more golf in nine months than Bush played in 34 months. These perks also include things like personal movie screenings in the white house theater, and a game of bowling in the white house alley.

The war in Afghanistan is turning into a giant mess. Top officials are even resigning to get away from it. Matthew Hoh left, stating that he didn't know why were even there any more. Pansy. Even though our brave soldiers are dying, and October has been the deadliest month in the war, Obama doesn't seem interested in reaching a decision to send more troops.

His pet project, health care, is getting no where fast. "Blue Dogs" are fighting against the public option, giving Dirty Harry Reid conniption fits. Why can't the anointed one get things done? You'd think, since every one loves him, and they control both houses, this wouldn't be such a problem. Bravo "Blue Dogs."

Well, at least electing a black president has cured racism. Oh wait, maybe it made it worse. I don't remember. Typical white folks like me get confused sometimes.

Still, it's not all bad news. Obama has done wonders for the gun companies.


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