Obama Sent From God? Then Why Can't he Fix Anything?

The new health care bill is out. It's over 1900 pages of socialist garbage. It's estimated to cost $1.055 trillion, TRILLION dollars. That's a lot of dollars. That's $2.2 million per word in the proposed legislation. PER WORD. That's just ridonculous. Also, we all know that estimates always turn out to be way too low. Stupid freaking liberals and their spend away America's future attirtude.

I don't know if it's good news, but Liberman plans on supporting GOP congressional candidates in 2010.

Yahoo is reporting that the recession is over... Sweet just in time for November elections. Only, I didn't find their report very convincing. Also, if it's over, why are so many people out of the job? Yahoo claims that the recession is over because of the stimulus and other Government programs, liek "Cash for Clunkers," but I don't buy it.

Also, in who gives a flying freak news, Sting thinks that Obama was sent from God.


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