Bravo Rep. Joe Wilson

Rep. Joe Wilson heckled President Obama during his lying rant, I mean speech, yesterday. Right after the speech, he was condemed by both sides, and forced to appologize. Why in the heck should this man appologize? I mean, yeah, it's against ettiquete, but how can a person be expected to just sit there an listen to such drivel? Besides, it's not like this is something new. Remember when the Demotards booed Bush during his State of Union Speech? Remember when Obama Accused Bill Clinton of Telling 'Bald-Faced Lies?' Ok, sure, perhaps it was the wrong time, wrong place, but I still applaud the man for standing up like that. Good for him, and I hope all his constituents visit his site, and donate to his reelection campaign, because you know the democrats are doing the same for his opposition.

Take a look at the video of the speech, where Rep. Wilson calls Obama a liar. Pay special attention to the death glare Comrad Pelosi shoots his direction. Then she leans over to Biden and mutters something, probably having to do with putting him on some sort of death list.


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