Tattle Tale on Obamacare

From our friend Mary S.:

As I am sure many of you know, the White House is urging citizens to report anyone who they overhear spreading lies about Obamacare.

Here is great idea and one that has already started. It appears many people are
going to the website set up by Chairman Obama and his gang and are turning
themselves in. The email address for informing on your fellow citizens or on yourself is flag@whitehouse.gov.

A woman called in to my local talk radio station with this version of the idea:
inform on people who are spreading lies about Obamacare and report the likes of Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid...or even Hussein himself, who is the head liar. Or on any congressman who is spreading lies about the health care plan. I believe that would include anyone in the Democrat party, Pick a name. For some real juicy suggestions, go to the web site "Right Soup," they show some great sample emails.

One I can think of right off the bat is: "I would like to inform on the president, I understand he is not a natural born citizen - can you please help us out with this?"
or: "It has come to my attention that the president and many of his lackeys in
congress are committing acts on a daily basis which are unconstitutional; please
look into this and get back to me, thanks."

This is a fabulous idea as it lets the dictator know that we will not be silenced; jams up their stupid web site and makes a mockery of tactics being used to silence free speech.

As always please pass on to as many people as possible. At least we can have some fun with this; and after all, we are only following orders. Isn't it great that
Al Gore invented the internet?

Mary S.
a Natural Born US Citizen.


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