The Conservative Cure to Poverty

Ask a liberal how to help the less fortunate, and they will surely respond with government assistance, welfare, social programs like WIC, medicare, etc. Ask a conservative, and you will likely get a different answer. What is that answer? Enable that person to earn for themselves, and pull themselves out of their financial troubles. How? I'll tell you.

Lower taxes. I know the poorest people in this country don't pay taxes, so it seems as if that won't help them directly, but think bigger. If you lower taxes across the board, you give more money back to small businesses, and large businesses. If those companies have more money, they are able to offer products and services at a reduced price. That means, Joe Trailer Park is able to buy his Bud Light at a lower price, his wife beaters don't cost him as much, his Hot Pockets and Little Debbie Snack Cakes take less out of his pocket. These savings add up for Joe Trailer Park, and he is better able to afford better clothes for his kids, provide inoculations for baby Bubba, and little Curley Sue.

In addition to the savings he will accrue from cheaper products and services, those same companies that have saved money on taxes will be able to hire more people. They will be able to do this not only because they save money on taxes, but because more people are buying their products, since more people can afford them. As a result, they have more money for new hires, and they need those new hires, to keep up with the new increase in demand. The result? Joe Trailer Park can quit his job as a check collecting couch jockey, and get a new job in manufacturing, construction etc. His new found wealth will provide a better life for himself and his children. The better life for his children means a higher chance that they will be able to provide for themselves when they grow older, instead of continuing the vicious welfare cycle.

Speaking of the welfare cycle, that's the third way to cure poverty, cut people's dependence on the government teat. When people become used to receiving free money, there is little incentive to earn for yourself. Imagine living in government housing, spending government money, eating government groceries, using government doctors. Why in the hell would you go get a job assembling microwaves? Furthermore, if you were raised under those conditions, and didn't know any different, what motivation would you have to live a different way?

As a bonus, cutting the welfare cycle, cuts down on crime. When you don't have a job, because you live off welfare, you have all the time in the world to waste. When you have time to waste, and nothing to lose, you get into trouble. This leads to crime. Drugs, rape, murder, robbery, vandalism, etc., is often the result of time to waste, coupled with no concept of value, of life, property, etc. What do I mean by no concept of value? I mean that things you earn too easily, are valued too lightly. When things are handed to you, you don't value or respect them. This means you regard others property just as lightly. If you don't respect that someone has worked very hard for their car, it's not a big deal to steal it.

Ultimately, the conservative cure for poverty comes down to enabling an individual to take care of themselves. Does this mean there is no place for social welfare? No. There certainly are people that find themselves in temporary tight spots and they need help. There are certainly those that simply cannot work, and need help. There are certainly those that are working their hands to the bone, but simply don't have enough. But just as certainly, there are many out there receiving assistance, that could surely fend for themselves. We are doing them no service.


Rev. Paul said...

Well said, sir. Thank you!

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