Analyzing Obama's Baseball Pitch

Pitch #1:

1.2-Seam Fastball. Will cut down-and away. The typical strikeout pitch.
2.Power-T position before the throw. Generates hip drive for max. velocity.
3.Eyes on the target.
4.Pitching hand cocked back so batter can’t see ball during delivery.
5.Business slacks. He ain’t here to play, hes gonna break the catchers hand.

Strike three – batter looking. Fastball looked inside coming towards plate then broke away on the inside corner

Pitch #2:

1.Palm ball. Comes in slow and doesn't move.
2.No Power-T. Right hand hanging down towards dirt.
3.Eyes and mouth show fear that a batter will actually be in there to knock it 603 feet..
4.Pitching hand open so batter can see ball during delivery.
5.Blue jeans? When they asked him to throw out the first pitch he wrote a speech.

This ball will be hit so far it will need a flight attendant.


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