Friggin' Idiot Drivers

I hate drivers that refuse to follow the law. The other day I was driving to work down a busy street; I had just passed under the freeway, and was approaching an intersection, where there were a lot of people waiting to turn left. To my right I saw a car exit the freeway, zoom past me, cutting me off, and pull in front of all the cars waiting to turn left, cutting them off and turning left himself. I was dumbfounded that anyone could be so reckless and irresponsible. It occurred to me, if this person cares so little for traffic laws and human safety, how does he behave off the road? Does this person follow other laws, or does he treat all of them so lightly? Does he care about the safety of his family and friends in other situations? Why does that concern for safety disappear when he is behind the wheel? Is it ok to murder someone, because it would save you time? Or to rob someone because it is convenient for you? Then why are those excuses for breaking traffic laws?

I think it is our duty as responsible citizens, as decent human beings, to obey all laws, including traffic laws. If we can't even abstain from crossing a solid line, driving in the carpool lane without a passenger, slowing down at yellow lights, etc., how can we call ourselves responsible citizens or people? How can we tell our children that good people don't break the law, and then offer them a poor example?

Beyond that, I think it says a lot about ones character. If we act one way face to face, but then act like animals behind the wheel, what does that say about our character, morals, ethics, sincerity, etc.? If we are to maintain any sort of civility and kindness in this country, we should be courteous no matter the situation, including when we are on the road. As far as road rage goes, calm the crap down. Your time is no more valuable than anyone else's time, so relax, and drive slowly. It drives me nuts that some people think it's ok to get so pissed off about something so small. Are you really that important that it is ok for you to act like a jackass, because I accidentally cut you off? Were you that inconvenienced? Don't take yourself so seriously. A person that has truly mastered himself is able to control his emotions, where as a person with poor moral fiber, and/or a dim intellect is incapable of such self control.


Ellen K said...

If you drive in Texas, you get the additional pleasure of knowing that an estimated 20% of the drivers on the road are not licensed. This could be because of previous traffic infractions, or more likely, it could be because they are here illegally. See, one of the problems with driving in Texas is that all of the signs are in English. I predict that some time soon, there will be a costly provision to change that. But in the meantime, since they have no liability and no license, and often no identity to follow up with, they create traffic nightmares across the region. Some of the most ghoulish truck accidents have involved big rigs driven by unlicensed foreign nationals. Two things could change this, have specific truck routes for through traffic, and ticket people who refuse to obey speed limits. In addition, knowing where you are going avoids many accidents. There's always another exit somewhere down the road.

Notoriously Conservative said...

We have very similar problems here in Utah with illegal aliens. I can't count how many hit and runs have been on the news involving illegal aliens. The proposed solution will never be deportation, and more regulation, it will be adding Spanish as an official language, and giving citizenship to illegals, so they can get insurance/licenses, etc.

Anonymous said...

What? If it is a hit and run, how do you know the person's citizenship status?

Y'all silly.

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