Crazy Obama Products - A Photo Collection

Whether you are a fan of President Obama or not, it is hard to deny that there are some wacky Obama products out there. We have all seen the standard hats, shirts, buttons, bumper stickers, etc. But what about some of these?:

(please note that some of these products may be fakes, I don't vouch for any of them.)

''Black in White! Chocolate in Vanilla Ice Cream!'' exclaims an Obama-inspired ice-cream bar poster designed by Voskhod, Russian advertising agency. ''With our ad we are celebrating the fact there is a black president in the White House,'' the agency says.

Obama snacks. Not sure what flavor.

Obama pajamas, Ojamas. If you just can't get enough of him while you are awake.

The Obama commemorative tote. Also great for remembering a soon to be irrelevant newspaper.

Ben & Jerry's "Yes Pecan." Just a way to get rid of the pecan flavor no one likes? I dunno.

"Yes, we can" opener. Great for opening government provided food.

Some BO shoes.

Some Obama clack currant gummies, looks like they are made in Korea.

Some presidential paper dolls, as well as some other merchandise.

An Obama watch.

Obama waffles. Racist?

An Obama flash drive.

Some Topps Obama trading cards. "I'll trade you two Oval Offices for one of your shirtless on the beach Obama's."

Some Obama butt wipe.

Obama soap. "Prickly pear progress."

Obama undies.

Spider-man comic featuring BO.

An Obama Chia Head. I heard they pulled these off the shelves.

Obama chocolate bars.

Obama coffee.

Obama chicken fingers, with mint curry dip.

Hennessey 44 was created “to commemorate the inauguration of the 44th president.” Perhaps more popular with McCain supporters?

Obama candy.

Obama O's cereal. "Hope in every bowl?" Come on, they are just Cheerios; if anything there is hope that they will help lower your cholesterol.

Obama bobble head.

JC Penny's line of "Hope" jewelry.

Obama chocolates.

An Obama Buddha candle.

An Obama paper towel holder.

Fukui, Japan: A display of limited-edition tinned bread.

More Obama watches.

Some Russian Obama dolls. Why is he playing the accordion?

Malia and Sasha dolls.

Some Obama sweets from Japan.

Obama hot sauce.

A Barack Obama coloring book.

An Obama stuffed toy.

From Robot Nine's post showing a sushi chef and his Barack Obama sushi rolls.

An Obama Halloween mask. These are pretty common for all Presidents.

Barack Obama chocolate stout. Are they calling Obama stout?

Barack Obama cologne.

Some 'O' chapstick.

An Obama action figure. What's with the golden suit?

Though I understand his supporters, and their joy in having him elected, I personally think this is going overboard, and doesn't show enough respect for the office of President of the United States. But, to each his own.


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