Security and Freedoms

I just read this great article over at wired about the nature of surveillance. Anybody who has been watching the Obamanation presidency with any attention to detail is probably a little freaked out right now...I now I am. With the same recipe as the Nazi's, the left is marching us lock step toward the path of socialism. When I start to despair, I read or hear something that makes me have hope again. Real hope. Not that crap the left is peddling. Here's a great little interview with a writer that has obviously thought about this stuff and how it can be stopped.
Cory Doctorow is a great writer and all around seems like a pretty dang cool dude. I don't always agree with his politics per se, but I certainly enjoy his books. Which, by the way, are always available for free from his website. So far my two favorites have been Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom and Little Brother.


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