Obama's International Scorecard

William Teach posted this great scorecard for Obama's international efforts over on rightwingnews.com:

Getting NATO allies to help out in Afghanistan? Fail.

Both Merkel and Sarkozy told him to stick it regarding the issue of how to fix the world wide economic problems.

He gaffed badly with Gordon Brown, the British press, the british people, and managed to imply that the Brits were just plain old allies, nothing special.

He had his silly "give the Queen an iPod with Obama memento's" moment

He bowed to the King of Saud

He threw Poland and the proposed missile shield under the bus, and then Russia told him to take a hike

He has ignored the N. Korean missile launch.

His Sec of State told China not to worry about that pesky human rights problem.

He lost our air base in Kyrgyzstan

He has criticized Hamid Karzai multiple times, and his admin leaked info about possibly expanding air strikes in other areas of Pakistan, embarrassing the Pakistani leadership.

He reached out with that cute video to Iran, which turned around and told him where to shove it.

Cuba told him to piss off. Hugo Chavez said Obama had a stench like Bush, and called Obama an ignoramus.

He insulted the leader of Brazil.

Russia floated the notion of basing bombers in Cuba. No response from the B.O. admin.

He slighted the nation of India.

He completely ducked the issue of the Armenian genocide while in Turkey, despite complaining about it for years.

Discussed making peace with the "moderate Taliban." Like there are any

Thought it was a great idea for Pakistan to make peace overtures to the Taliban.

The "reset" button fiasco

Joe Biden thanking Spain for all their help in Iraq

Sending the bust of Winston Churchill back to Britain in the first couple days

So next time you get a kool aide sipper telling you Bush was an international failure, send them this link. If he can do all this in 75 days, imagine what the rest of the 4 1/2+ years will bring.


Chappy said...

Thank you for posting an itemized list of Obama's foreign policy blunders. I knew there were many, but I was surprised to see so many in such a short amount of time.

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