Obama Lies About Healthcare Related Bankruptcies?

From AWR Hawkins:

For example, on February 24, 2009, while speaking to a joint session of Congress, Obama said: “The crushing cost of health care … now causes a bankruptcy in America every thirty seconds.” Upon hearing this I grabbed my calculator and ascertained that that means roughly 1,036,800 American families a year are filing bankruptcy because of healthcare expenses.

This is quite amazing when you consider that the New York Times reported there were only 826,732 bankruptcies in America in 2007, with approximately 1.2 million estimated for 2008. Either Obama is right and nearly every bankruptcy in this country is a result of healthcare expenses, or the numbers are purposely being exaggerated in order to create a crisis great enough to justify implementing his healthcare plan.

A careless mistake, or an outright lie? I tend to lean towards the latter, given his track record of "say anything that suits the moment."


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