Sarah Palin Like a Mail Order Bride? Chris Matthews Thinks So

Now that MSNBC doesn't need to pick on Hillary Clinton, to help out their main man B.O., they have decided to do a little Palin bashing. Not only do they call her a mail order bride, they also compare her to a one night stand, like a floozy you pick up at a bar. Below is the exchange, for the video, see below:

MATTHEWS: What happened between those two?

FINEMAN: Uh, it was a lost weekend that didn’t go beyond the weekend. [LAUGHTER]

MATTHEWS: He thought she was something special [crosstalk] but she wasn’t the genuine article.

FINEMAN: You know what? He had no idea, with all due respect to the Senator, he had no idea what he was getting. They came into the convention, and I was covering it closely at the time –

MATTHEWS: Was she a mail order bride? [CROSSTALK]

FINEMAN: Practically! He really didn’t know who she was!


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