Obama OK's Embryonic Stem Cell Research - Despite Alternative

US President Barack Obama will Monday wipe out another contentious aspect of his predecessor George W. Bush's legacy by removing curbs on federal funding for embryonic stem-cell research.

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So obviously it is an incomprehensible and utterly deplorable concept to harvest human babies for stems cells (unless you are a liberal). My question is, why is the green light being given by Obama do destroy these embryos when the technology is there, or nearly there to avoid using an embryo altogether? Why not use some more money we don't have, and spend it on developing that technology?

From Scotland's The Herald:

Researchers at Edinburgh University, in collaboration with a team of Canadian-based scientists, gave skin cells embryonic powers while avoiding pitfalls that would normally lead to cancer or genetic abnormalities in patients.

The research raises the practical prospect for the first time of developing wide-ranging "spare part" stem cell treatments without having to destroy human embryos.

Seems to me this is just another Obama leftist policy he is throwing out there, overwhelming congress with, so they don't have time to think or react properly. This man is hell bent on doing as much damage in as little time as possible.

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Overloading Congress?


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