I Hate Snuggies - (Those Blankets with Sleeves)

Have you seen the advertisements for those Snuggie blankets? Basically, they are blankets with sleeves so that you can keep your upper body covered while still being able to use your hands. “Blankets are OK but they can slip and slide, plus your hands are trapped inside. The Snuggie™ keeps you totally warm and gives you the freedom to use your hands. Work the remote, use your laptop or do some reading in total warmth and comfort! Snuggie™ is made with super soft, thick, luxurious fleece with roomy, oversized sleeves that let you do what you want while still being totally wrapped in warmth.”

I hate Snuggies. This has to be the most awful invention of recent memory. How lazy have we become that we need sleeves on our blankets? Can you imagine the point of conception for this product? “Ah dang Kayce Jo, my blanket done slipped off again, whilst I was drinking my beverage. If only there was some sort of blanket shirt I could wore.”

I mean seriously, is it that difficult to keep a blanket on? Have we become that lazy and pampered that we can’t forgo the warmth of a blanket long enough to change the channel? I figure people that buy Snuggies are the same people that got Obama elected. These lazy SOB’s that need sleeves on their blankets, are the same people that want the government to help them out with everything, because life is so hard.

The worst part? They say that Snuggies are great for the whole family. Well sure, if you have always wanted your family to look like members of a medieval monastery, or perhaps Hare Krishnas.
But wait, there's more. They encourage you to wear these to sporting events. I have a feeling that if you wore one of these around ruckus sports fans, you would have the living hell beat out of you. If that's the case, I hope you ordered the burgundy blanket, to hide the massive amounts of spilled blood.


DaddyMoose said...

My Mom has one of those...but I have to say, reading your commentary was quite entertaining...

Anonymous said...

Sunggie is giving them away for free!!! now you can send one to your worst enemy


Anonymous said...

I ordered a snuggie as a gag gift for XMAS, and the American express bill was $99!! For a SNUGGIE!! I had to call 4 numbers before I got the return office, and it is obviously gangs of people in cubicles answering angry phone calls from people like me. I could hear them in the background saying "you can't get your money back." Thanks goodness AX took it off my bill!

Anonymous said...

I hate these things and thank God everyday that they are not in Norway. Oh, and for the record I voted for Obama.

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