Don't Toss Your Cookies - Octuplets mother offered $1M porn contract (Shiver)

Oh, yep, yep I just barfed a little in my mouth. I'm ok, I'm ok, deep breaths. I'm in my happy place...

From SF Gate:"The Southern California mother of octuplets is being offered $1 million to star in hardcore porn.

Vivid Entertainment spokeswoman Jackie Martin says the offer also promises a year of health insurance for Nadya Suleman and her 14 children.

Suleman gave birth to octuplets at a Bellflower hospital on Jan. 26, and already had six other children. The home the unemployed single-mother lives in is facing foreclosure."

This image provided by NBC shows Nadya Suleman, left, speaking with Ann Curry in New York on Thursday, Feb. 5, 2009, in Suleman's first interview since giving birth to octuplets. (Paul Drinkwater / AP)

In related news, did you know Denny's is offering a new Grand Slam Breakfast in her honor? It comes with 1 egg, 14 yolks, no sausage, and the rest of the restaurant has to pay your tab.


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