All I wanted was sharks with frickin' lasers on their heads!

By Derek

Sometimes its so hard to follow what is happening politically that I just have to step back and watch the show for a while. Well, this isn't sharks with lasers, but its lasers and mosquitoes. I freakin' hate mosquitoes. Seriously. We get them down here in Arizona really bad during the rainy season because the heat and standing water are just perfect for those little buggers to breed. Here's the story:
Seriously, is there anything a laser can't do? A team of mad scientists in Washington have concocted a system that could essentially eliminate malaria-carrying mosquitoes with lasers, and the whole thing can be built from parts sourced on eBay. The so-called mosquito laser is credited to an idea from Lowell Wood, an astrophysicist who worked with Edward Teller, the "architect of the original plan to use lasers to shield America from the rain of Soviet nuclear arms." In theory, at least, the technology could one day be used to draw a laser barrier of sorts around a village. Of course, the trick is to make the lasers powerful enough to smoke the bugs without harming humans -- any of you Earthlings up for a clinical trial or two?
I can think of a few people that I'd volunteer for the first trials...


Fayette Front said...

Happy to add your blog to my blog roll on the sidebar & thanks for doing the same for mine. I see we're both members of the Read My Lipstick Network, too. BTW, great blog.

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