What Recession? The UN Seems to be Doing Just Fine

What recession? The master minds at the UN decided that now would be the best time to redecorate the Human Rights Hall of their Geneva headquarters. So, instead of taking a trip to the Home Depo, they called upon renowned Spanish artist Miquel Barcelo to provide his own unique take on the redesign.

Using 77,000 pounds of paint and a $23 million Euro budget (that's $29,540,200 US dollars), the artist created a textured grotto complete with multi-colored stalactites. I gotta be honest, it looks like a cave on acid. Money well spent sirs, money well spent. Let them eat cake, while you deck out your Human Rights Hall like a bad acid trip.

A $23 million ceiling painting featuring hundreds of dangling icicle shapes that has been criticized for its hefty price tag was unveiled Tuesday at the United Nations.

The 16,000-square-foot (1,500-square-meter) elliptical dome full of bright colors and torn aluminum took over a year to produce.

Spanish abstract artist Miquel Barcelo used more than 100 tons of paint with pigments from all over the world, and worked with architects, engineers and even particle physics laboratories to develop the extra-strength aluminum for the dome.

“On a day of immense heat in the middle of the Sahel desert, I recall with vivacity the mirage of an image of the world dripping toward the sky,” Barcelo says. “Trees, dunes, donkeys, multicolored beings flowing drop by drop.”

Anywho, you can read more about it here: entertainment.timesonline.co.uk


Artfldgr said...

it looks like what a ceiling in hell would look like.

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