Today in the News

Tom Daschle withdraws - Whoa, didn't see that coming. Normally they just push them on through, despite their troubles, i.e. Geithner.

Michael Steele Becomes First Black RNC Chair - Is he conservative enough? I dunno, but I hope so. See my previous post on the subject.

N. Korea says two Koreas on path toward war - Haven't they always been on that path? The DMZ is the most heavily guarded border on the planet.

White House Lawyers Look to Limit Commercial Use of Obama - I'd like to see that. We could do with less Obama memorabilia.

Guantanamo Judge Defies Obama - Good for him, hope it holds up.

IT'S A CIRCUS: TAX PROBLEMS FOR ANOTHER NOMINEE - Anyone surprised? Didn't I just write about this. Deja vu.

Stimulus Package Set to Grow in Senate... - Again, is this a surprise? I wrote my Senators, did you? I hope so.

PROMISES, PROMISES: No lobbyists at White House, except... - Like anyone expected this promise to be kept.

Obama's ethics pledge haunts him... - Well sure, I think the Democrats have shown that it's difficult to be ethical. It's much easier when you don't let little things like morals and ethics get in the way.

ACORN Gets $2,000,000 from Bailed Out Bank of America - Well they deserve it, they helped Obama get elected. I love it, Government funded fraud.


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