Latest Economic News: Obama Moves Towards Nationalization of Banks


This is beyond a slippery slope. This is a cliff, and we better not jump.


Anonymous said...

This stuff drives me nuts!

You know what would probably work. Just wiping out a year's worth of mortgage payments across the board for everyone.

The the catch for that would be that homeowners would have to put a % of their income in savings and pay off % of credit card debt for that year.

It's obvious that Wall Street doesn't think much of this current plan. All it's continue to do is seek out how low it can go. I think all they're hearing is the rush to print dollars by the FED and that's driving up future inflation. Which explains why ExactPrice shows gold continuing to rise. It won't be long before it's testing last years highs and going further, I think. Right now it's sitting at $985.60 an ounce.

Tells me that big time investors are buying it up quick as a hedge against a dollar that looks like burned toast.

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