Rush Limbaugh and the Fairness Doctorine

From the MRC Action Center:

First it was President Obama’s attack against Rush Limbaugh, warning GOP leaders “you can’t just listen to Rush Limbaugh and get things done.”

Now comes word that the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) has launched an online petition against Rush! And, this isn’t only about the biggest name in conservative talk radio – it’s just starting with him.

This is the first salvo in the war to silence all conservative voices.

And let’s not forget the leftwing news media, who are eagerly licking the boots of liberal leadership hoping to agitate and intensify a public outcry for gagging Rush and fellow conservatives.

MSNBC’s Norah O’Donnell asked on national television if Obama finally had the “cojones,” to stand up to Rush Limbaugh unlike others before him!

The liberal campaign to officially silence conservative speech has begun, and we are more dependent than ever on our team to help us gear up and amass a full-scale counter offensive to protect our Free Speech Rights.

I need every member of our MRC Action Team to take action in two critically important ways: First, in the white hot heat of this battle it is imperative that we have resources and funds to expose the truth of what is really underway.

As liberal leaders in Congress and the media become more aggressive in theirassault of our conservative ideals, we need to know you are standing with the Media Research Center and our efforts to protect our Free Speech Rights bymaking a tax-deductible gift right now. Click here to help.

Any gift amount is appreciated--especially during these tough economic times. But our Free Speech Rights have come under intense attack, and we’re hoping some members of our team will be able to step forward today with gifts of $100, $500, or even more. We cannot afford to lose this battle, and we’re depending on you. Go here to help.

Finally, after making your best gift, take a few additional moments and follow Rush’s incredibly clever request for his supporters nationwide to visit the DCCC website, read their petition and “send messages of love, hope and change to me via this petition!” Click here to send your messages to Rush.

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