The New Obama Tote Bag

This tote bag, handmade from the November 5th front cover of the LA Times, will be “a daily reminder of the historic election of Barack Obama”.

Covered in soft, durable water resistant laminate with double straps and velcro closure, this eye-catching bag is perfect as a large purse, grocery bag or carry-on.


I bought several of these to use as trash bags, for smaller trash cans. My wife and I also use them to store dirty baby diapers until we have time to dispose of them properly. The water resistant laminate really seals in all those smells and leaks. We've also found they work well as doggy clean up bags for long walks or a day at the doggy park. My neighbor uses them as compost containers and even as a mat to catch oil spills when he changes his oil. They are so versatile!


Jeannetta said...

LOL, I guess I need some too!!

rjwusa said...

I was in downtown Berkeley today. Many people were walking around with these bags filled to the brim with goverment cheese. What a handy way to carry one's handouts! As for myself, I must have bowel surgery next month. I'll be using one as a colostomy bag!

Anonymous said...

Talk about racist! Why use an obama bag for bad things. What has he ever done that deserves such bad behavior from those that call themselves Americans. I cannot believe what I am reading!

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