Global Warming Not the Issue it Was

As I've said in the past, one good thing that might come out of all this economic mess is that it might make policy makers step back and realize what is most important, and what we should be spending our money on, namely, a decrease in spending on the global warming hoax.

Well, it seems I was correct in my prediction/hope. According to

Of the 20 issues people were asked to rate in both January 2008 and January 2009, five have slipped significantly in importance as attention to the economy has surged. Protecting the environment fell the most precipitously – just 41% rate this as a top priority today, down from 56% a year ago. The percentage rating illegal immigration as a top priority has fallen from 51% to 41% over the past year, and reducing crime has fallen by a similar amount (from 54% to 46%). And while reducing health care costs remains a top priority to 59% of Americans, this is down 10-points from 69% one year ago.

(Also of note, global warming as a top issue, is down 5% this year, and was never above 38%)

Yes, just like the droves of scientists falling away from the global warming hoax (There Is No Consensus Among Scientists Regarding Global Warming and Myth of Consensus Expoldes!) , citizens are starting to realize global warming is not the greatest threat to human kind, as Gore would have them believe. It’s about time, if you ask me; after all this has been common sentiment in the UK and other countries for some time (Global Warming Taxes - Lets Learn From Others).

Let’s hope that Obama and the left listen to the people, and focus on what is important at this time, namely jobs and the economy. I mean, global warming was last on the list, last! If this were truly a representative democracy, that would mean that we should spend less on global warming than we do on all the important issues listed above it. Looks like global warming may not be the hot ticket item this year.


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