Bin Laden - Where is His Head?

Examination of New Tape Raises Questions about Bin Laden's Health ...

Bin Laden… You remember this guy? Of course you do; who could forget such a major tool? Why haven’t we put his head on a pike yet? There must be something we don’t know; some political problem keeping us from nabbing him, or perhaps even some corruption on the part of the Afghanis or Pakistanis. You're telling me that the US military, though depleted in Afghanistan, along with US special forces, US intelligence, spy satellites, UAV’s, and ally support isn’t enough to bring one man to justice? The man is 9 feet tall, has a long bushy beard and a wad of towels on his head. He shouldn’t be hard to miss.

Once we have successfully transitioned power over to the Iraqis, and made a successful and victorious exit (thanks for sticking with it President Bush), then we should triple our troop numbers in Afghanistan. Bin Laden isn’t much of a threat anymore; by all indications he is sick, and probably dying. He is hiding in a cave some where, eating shoe leather, and passing the time playing shadow puppets on a cave wall. But, his capture would satisfy the demands of justice, as well as send a message to the victims of 9/11 and to all other terrorists around the world that wish our country harm.

Have you heard any good theories or conspiracies (for what they are worth) concerning his continued evasion?


Skydancer said...

Heck, there's no proof bin Laden is even alive any more. I think he got vaporized in Tora Bora years ago.

Nothing that's appeared since then couldn't be impersonators or stock footage.

keith said...

I think he is already dead as well. We just couldn't find the body to confirm/announce.

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