A Message from The National Republican Trust - Stop Obama in Georgia

Stop Obama in Georgia!

Dear fellow American:

With Democrats now controlling 57 seats in the Senate, they are perilously close to getting the 60 votes in the Senate they need to end filibuster and pass Obama’s radical legislation.

This why the special Georgia Senate run-off election slated for December 2 is now a national contest.

If the Democrats defeat Republican Senator Saxby Chambliss, they will be very close to getting the 60 votes they need in the Senate to pass Obama’s radical legislation.

Without the 60 votes, Obama can’t pass legislation to increase income taxes, increase capital gains taxes, increase FICA taxes or any other taxes.

Without the 60 votes, Obama won’t be able to pass a new Fairness Doctrine limiting the power of talk radio.

Without the 60 votes, Obama won’t be able to pass new social spending programs estimated as costing as much as $1 trillion.

Without the 60 votes, Obama won’t be able to nationalize the healthcare system.

Without the 60 votes, Obama won’t be able to give 12 million illegal aliens citizenship and other government benefits.

Obama and the Congressional Democrats must be denied the 60 votes.

The Democrats believe they may be able to persuade one or more liberal Republican senators like Arlen Specter to join them to pass Obama’s legislation.

They know they are very close to getting the magic number.

That is why they are pouring millions of dollars as we speak in Georgia to win this special election and elect the liberal Democratic candidate Jim Martin.

They will do whatever it takes to destroy Sen. Chambliss. Their union supporters will be bussed into the state for this last ditch effort to give Obama what he really wants: total control of the U.S. Congress.

You must stop them. We can stop them.

We at the National Republican Trust PAC, also known as GOPtrust.com, are launching an emergency appeal to Republicans across the United States to help defeat Jim Martin and keep Saxby Chambliss in the U.S. Senate.

Fox News analyst Dick Morris calls us at the National Republican Trust the “most important group now in the Republican Party, our version of Moveon.org but more effective.”

We are demonstrating our important work by focusing national support to help stop Barack Obama in Georgia and elect Saxby Chambliss.

Early voting will start soon for Dec. 2 run-off. Time is short.

We at the National Republican Trust PAC are planning a massive TV ad campaign to alert Georgia voters to the dangers of a Senate and Congress controlled by Barack Obama.

It’s important to remember that McCain beat Obama in Georgia by 52% to 47%.

Still, Republicans are deeply concerned. The special run-off will bring out far fewer voters than the general election. Obama’s campaign are masters at organizing small turn-out elections. They won every caucus state, for example.

Have no doubt the Democrats will throw everything they have to get out core constituencies for Jim Martin: union members, African-Americans and other special interests.

That’s why our work at the National Republican Trust PAC is so critically important.

Our TV ad campaign and other outreach efforts will alert Georgia Republicans that this election is like no other. In fact, the future of the United States depends on it.

You can help us in our fight to keep Georgia’s seat in Republican hands and out of Obama’s control.

Donate today to help this important cause — Clicking Here Now.

Thank you.
Yours for America,
Scott WheelerExecutive Director


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