Dear Mr. Obama

Mr. Obama,

Congratulations on your hard fought victory. You were not our first choice, but the people have spoken, and we respect that. As our new president, we will give you all due respect, and support. We will be there in support whenever we agree, but we will also fight tooth and nail when we think you are wrong. Conservatism is still well and strong, and we are sad that we were not well represented by either candidate.

Please know, that conservatives will not change, we will not bend. We will continue to live our lives based on the morals and values we have been taught, we will continue to live our lives with faith in God. We will continue to stand up for what we believe in, and will strongly challenge, and voice our opinions on the things we disagree with.

We ask you, no, implore you to not forget us. We know you will not be the conservative we desire, but we ask that you will take a more moderate approach, a bipartisan approach, and take care of all your people, and respect the many differing views of Americans. We ask that you will do your best to stay close to God, to do those things that are morally right, and good. That you will stand up for America, and for the Constitution, no matter what flaws you think they might have. This country is not perfect, but it is the closest thing this planet earth possesses.

Please don’t diminish our freedoms, please don’t limit our options. We don’t want to see the Government grow, we don’t want to see it’s power grow, we don’t want to see our lives controlled. Please sir, keep us on the path of liberty and freedom.

As our commander and chief, please keep our military strong. Please learn from the mistakes of the past, and don’t cut down our military. Keep our borders strong, and well protected.

Please protect our moral values upon which our country was founded.

Please encourage free enterprise and free markets. Help our economy to grow, and our people to prosper. Please let us strive for success under our own drive, and determination.

Please Mr. Obama, don’t forget what is right, and what is best for this country. God bless you, and guide you, God bless the USA.

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Anonymous said...

The problem with conservatives in two easy steps:

Step 1: We will not bend for you. "Please know, that conservatives will not change, we will not bend."

Step 2: We expect you to bend for us. "We .. implore you to not forget us. We know you will not be the conservative we desire, but we ask that you will take a more moderate approach, a bipartisan approach."

Wouldn't it make more sense if both conservatives and liberals alike, Republicans, Democrats, and Independents across the spectrum learned to meet in the middle and "take a more moderate approach, a bipartisan approach"? Or should everyone be expected to "take a more moderate approach, a bipartisan approach" EXCEPT conservatives? Should conservatives simply be allowed to be unyielding while everyone else works toward making this nation a better place? (It's rhetorical. Don't bother.)

Conservatives are the roadblocks to progress for everyone (including conservatives!) and for America.

How patriotic.

Anonymous said...

How sad is it that so many people are fooled into thinking that it's through the liberal ways that we as a country will be "freed." Are we not free? Do we not have more rights and a better run country than anyone else in the WORLD!!
Why is that you people seem to think that there is some big change to be made? For some reason pushing God out of our nation and bringing in more selfish, impure ideas is going to make us "grow" and become better?? WHAT!
We grow and become better people by doing what is good and right. How quickly people seem to forget what this nation was founded upon.
There is a reason that it says "In GOD we trust" on the DOLLAR BILL!
Oh, I guess that is probably offensive right?
Don't look at it so one sided! OBVIOUSLY we both have to bend and give and meet in the middle. That is why our government is set up the way that it is. All people are to have a voice.
Don't try to stereo type and say that this small entry represents the "PROBLEM" with conservatives. The "problem" you are referring to is the "problem" with man kind. We see the world out of one pair of eyes!(oh yeah, that's all we were given isn't it?)
Each of us (no matter what party we belong to) want to be seen, heard and remembered. NO ONE wants to be forced to live some thing they don't believe to be right and true. In that retrospect none of us want to bend for others and yet expect others to bend for us. It is human nature. Welcome to the planet earth.
You wanna talk about Patriotism???
Taking God out of our schools, out of the laws, out of the nation is not considered Patriotism! Like I said previously, you forget what this country was founded upon. Do you think that the people made to the America's by chance? You are mistaken. This land was GIVEN to us as a haven from the rest of the world, but you want to make it the same hell as all of the other countries. Good idea. That's patriotic.

There is a middle ground to be met upon. When Christ comes again, we will all find it. Some in a happier (less flamey) way than others ;-))

Sorry Nick, that had little to do with the president elect. There is just something to be said about ignorant comments.

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