More Ohio Voter Manipulation

Thanks to Joe H. for the follwing info:

Below are some links with interesting info on voter manipulation in Ohio. In it, one volunteer talks about asking people if they're from Ohio as he takes them to the polls, but doesn't seem at all interested in whether they really are. The other talks about telling people that she'll drive them wherever they want after they vote; to a homeless person that is something of no small value. Then she talks about how she tells people to vote for Obama as she's driving them to the polls. Non-partisan volunteering at it's best:


keightlynn said...

As an Ohioan, this is no surprise to me.
I registered to vote today, and being my first time, I was quite amazed at how easy it is. Just fill out some paper at the DMV, hand it over, and go off on your marry way. You don't have to prove who you are, and they don't even check if you're registered multiple times. No wonder voter fraud is getting more common.

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