Skinny Jeans: The Plague of the 2000's

Now, this isn’t a political subject, but it is social, and the two are intertwined. Skinny jeans; there are ugly, baffling styles that emerge every decade; bell bottoms, pegged jeans, parachute pants, pleated front jeans, etc. The plague of the 2000’s has to be skinny jeans. When did chicken legs become hip? It was always my understanding that if you had twig legs, you tried to hide them. Conversely, if you have fat legs, someone should tell you, so you don’t wear skin tight skinny jeans.

They are ugly enough on girls, skin tight, almost painted on; but they are even worse on guys. Not only are they ridiculously tight, but guys buy them a size to small, so they are floods, and don’t manage to cover their butts; so half of their boxers are hanging out. It looks so ridiculous, I just shake my head in bewilderment. Listen guys, you aren’t doing yourself any favors by dressing like a sloppy girl, and leaving your bits no place to hide isn’t helping.

Look, take it from me, extreme styles fade as quickly as they spring up. It is best to avoid them altogether, so embarrassing pictures of you don’t resurface later on in life. You don’t want to look back at yourself in 10, 20 years, and see yourself in a pair of nugget-squasher, black denim, leotard pants. There are plenty of people out there that thought their power-mullet and neon pink parachute pants would never go out of style, but look at them now. So do yourself a favor, take them off, burn them, and don’t look back.


American Girl said...

Thank you for this informative take on what truly is an enemy to women everywhere. I'm sincerely hoping that in a Palin administration, we can finally retire all skinny jeans and replace with the slightly stretchy, hip waist, minor-flair bottom jeans that make us all look attractive.

Jessica said...

I agree, we should wear what is flattering for our body types, trends can be so silly. Although if the rest of the world wears pants that make them look terrible, I would look so much better!! :)

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