Questions for Liberals

Questions for liberals.

1. If Obama wants to pull up the bottom half of the country, and increase the size of the middle class, why is Obama’s aunt living in a Boston slum? Why is his brother George Obama living in a hut in Nairobi? Didn’t Obama quote Matthew 25:40? Yes, yes he did. “And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.” If you ask me, he seems happy to give away everyone else's money, it's cracking his own wallet he seems to have a problem with.

See here about his aunt, and here about his brother.

2. What qualifications does Obama have to be president? Keeping in mind, he has no executive experience. A community organizer is not a preparation for the presidency. He only served in the US Senate from Jan. 3, 2005, until the day he announced his exploratory committee on Jan. 16, 2007. Sure, you can argue that Palin only been governor for two years, but at least that is executive experience, and at least she isn’t running for president. Please, give one example of an accomplishment that relates to the presidency. Please give us one example of his leadership, as it relates to the presidency. Anything, please.


Chappy said...

I would argue that Obama's position as a community organizer is equivalent to "bowing down to the special interest groups." I recently saw a video on youtube of Obama in front of a group of ACORN community organizers when he kicked off his presidency. When the host said "Don't forget about us when you're president", Obama responded "I will be calling all of you in to help us SHAPE THE AGENDA...We'll have meetings across the U.S. with community organizers so that YOU HAVE INPUT INTO THE AGENDA of the next presidency of the United States of America."

Sounds like a special interest group to me. The only difference is that Obama didn't accept cash from them.....o wait, I guess he did. Huh? Silly me.

That's an accomplishment I guess.

Kathy said...

Obama Makes "Selfish" America.

Obama Selfish means.

Obama said "Selfish". How did he dare to say it "Selfish" through his mouth in so selfish mood?

Here is Korea. If America was like Obama's in 1950 when Korean war started, present freely rich south Korea never be born. In this country over 40 million peoples live in freedom and thanks to America, even though some(about 10-30%) pro-leftism never do that.

Obama may wish to live all "Axis of Evil" contained with his unselfishiness, then, peoples under Evil Power of "Axis of Evil" like KimJongil and past-South Korea invaded by Evil north Korea might be melted down forever. And over the world, there shall be grown much bigger cruel regimes if no-body and no-county resist against it.

Obama makes his America to really "Fucking America" if he does not anymore want to dispatch American force to other country.
Jeremiah Wright, mento of Obama, has shouted "Fucking America" over 20 years, and now Obama is going to catch the "Fucking America"'s handle and to turn nomore "Fucking America", which means to all peoples lived on the globe that time of "Noble America" is down and time of "Fucking America" with Obamessiah shall be started.

Obama said "Selfish". Selfish means his own caring characted.

Last a half century, what many countries in the globe develops her wealth and freedom system is really depending on generous positive freedom expansion policy of America.

But now Obama the man most Americans wants for their one Distributor of wealth, does not wish to participate other countries peoples pains. How much "Selfish" Obama's America ?

If America become like Russia, China, or further Soviet by "Redistribution" System or "Unselfish" structure well controlled under armed "civilian national security force" under the one "Distributor" Obama, then, what will you do, dear American ?

Selfish America means Disaster to other countries of globe!

If America was originally Selfish country like one of Obama, eastern Europe, Russia and south Korea never were come out to Freedom as well as wealth.

Wealth means not "Redistributed" and never be possible under "Redistributed".

The most well "Redistributed" country is North Korea. How well !
But, by that reason, most peoples except Kim Jongil are living at the edge of starvation everyday.

I will explain why "Redistribution" makes your country not to well but to bad.

If Obamessiah redistribute wealth to poorer people, he first hire agencies for only working to collect, calculate and "redistribute" wealth upto far far away in America. Do you have idea how many agencies should be necessary for Obama's "Redistribution" job and how much foods and salary be required to feed the mouth of all agencies and his/her families ?

When you make free-market society let wealth being freely flown to poorer, there are not needed "Redistribution" agencies. Only voluteers will be active.

"Redistribution" means that from all collected & redistributed amounts not only poorer but also agencies and servants of Obama must be put their even one leg, every legs and if they tast it they wish to put their legs not one finally all two and much deepth.

If you make freely redistributed by free-market rule and charity, there are not needed amount to feed redisributing agencies. This means Obama's "Redistribution" system made country wealth to feed agaencies should not be useful for production process anymore. Very important.
Every year, everyday, much moneys shall never be "Reproductive" but only for "Feeding" Obama's "redistribution" agencies. This surely makes all country being fallen much poor circumstance. This is why north Korea so well-redistribution system must only be starvation.

What is most "Selfish" between free-market and "Redistribution" of Obamessiah ?
Absolutely Obamessiah !

Redistribution policy means in Amercia there shall be lazy class and agencies not productive but only distributive (and more collective). So the country(America) with selfish peoples shall be poorer day by day until they finish "Redistribution".

God said, if you want to be blessed, to seize and dash the little one feeded by Babylon against rock.[Psalm 137:8.9]

Dear Americans, don't you want to be blessed? Then, seize and dash the man against rock as Psalm's order.

Pardon my poor english.


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