Campaign Promises, & the Cost of Obama

A quick word about campaign promises. I was watching the post debate coverage on Fox yesterday, and this group of “undecided” voters was talking about how the turning point for them, was Obama’s policy regarding universal health coverage. Now one thing you have to understand is this; when a politician promises a new government program, or an increase in a government service, that means they will be spending more money.

Where does the government get it’s money? Well, it sure as heck doesn’t work for it. Taxes; the government makes it’s money by taxing you and I. Free, universal health care sounds awesome, but it’s not really free, you and I would pay for it. That means you and I would pay for Joe down the street, that chain smokes, and eats Slim Jims for breakfast, to get chemotherapy for his lung cancer.

That means, your hard earned money goes towards helping Betty with her diabetes, even though she sits at home and eats frosting out of a can. You have to fork out more taxes, so she doesn’t loose her foot, or go blind from the gallons of ice cream she consumes.

Yep, whenever either candidate promises you something for free, keep in mind, it isn’t, it costs you and I our hard earned money. There is no such thing as free health care, a free education, free retirement income, free insurance, etc. A government hand out, isn’t a government hand out at all, it is them taking your money, and redistributing it. You let that kind of government redistribution of wealth escalate, and before you know it, you have socialism.

According to, regarding Obama’s 111 expanded or new federal spending programs:

“An initial draft of the Amendment which was obtained by HUMAN EVENTS shows its purpose of “raisi(ng) taxes by an unprecedented $1.4 trillion for the purpose of fully funding 111 new or expanded federal spending programs” and, referencing S. Con. Res. 70, the Fiscal Year 2009 budget proposal, lists 111 items in the format of “On page 11, line 4, increase the amount by $5,120,000,000.”

• This new spending, if enacted, would represent an almost 10% increase over the President’s FY 2009 budget.

• This $300 billion spending proposal would cost more than 42 states’ budgets combined (general fund expenditures).

• It is more than the United States spent last year on imported oil ($294 billion net).

• It is more than 60% larger than any one-year federal spending increase, ever.”

$1.4 Trillion in new spending… Now Obama says that he is only raising taxes on those making over $250,000, so that doesn’t mean much to you and I right? Well, consider this:

“If Obama wanted to raise taxes on only the top 1% (earning over $365,000) to fund his plans, those citizens’ tax bills would have to rise by over $40,000 annually, an increase of 57%. Given the impossibility of that scenario, even under complete Democratic control of government, the tax hikes would have to trickle down to the American middle class.

‘So if Congress decides to widen the pool of taxpayers footing the bill, it would have to raise taxes on the top 5% by 38%; or the top 10% by 32%; or the top 25% by 26%; or the top 50% of taxpayers by 23%. The top 50% of American taxpayers, who already pay 96.9% of all federal income taxes, are those who earn $31,000 (AGI) or more.

‘To translate this point into language everyone can understand: if you have an income of $104,000 or more, the plan will cause your tax bill to go up at least an additional $5,300 a year; if you have an income of $62,000 or more, the plan will cause your tax bill to go up at least $2,300 a year. This is on top of the $2,300 increase already assumed by the failure to extend current tax policy.’”

Read more about the cost of Obama’s new spending proposals here, at


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