Is this what passes as news these days?

So you might have seen this, but on the O'Reilly factor last week, he pointed out how MSNBC chose to cover the initial announcement of Sarah Palin as VP.

Under the header of "Breaking News," they had the caption: "How many houses does Palin add to the Republican ticket?"
Are you serious? If you are going to spew this kind of high school slander, at least have the decency to not label it as news! I would have no problem with such stupid comments, if they would at least come out and say: "I am a liberal. I hate conservatives. I will be voting for Barack Obama, no matter how unqualified he is. Now here is my OPINION on ..."
This is the least watched news channel for a reason. There is a reason that this "news" channel doesn't even have 24 hour news coverage, and instead plays reruns of Dateline NBC. I don't think it will be long until they are off the air, and it can't come a day too soon.


Anonymous said...

I think that the most historic aspect of the presidential and vice presidential nominating process of both parties is not related to the nomination of a black man or a woman; it has to do with the continuation of myth-busting by the Republicans.

Without a shadow of a doubt, the unprecedented orgy of wasteful and profligate spending by George W. Bush and his dear departed Republican Congressional Majority has exploded the myth of Republicans as fiscally responsible stewards of the American economy and of our common wealth. We, our children and their children, left to pay the tab from an administration who doubled the national debt in just 8 years, will forever curse in horror, pain, revulsion and betrayal every time the words “Republican” and “fiscal responsibility” are mentioned in the same sentence.

And now, further dramatic myth busting wrought by our Republican friends—that the GOP is the party that best represents the conservative moral views of our country. First they nominate McCain, an admitted serial womanizer who dumped his handicapped wife for a younger, more attractive (not to mention filthy rich) woman. And then they go and choose Palin as the VP nominee, a woman that preaches abstinence only “education” to the masses but whose sphere of influence as a leader on the issue does not even extend to the four walls of her own home.

So congratulations are clearly in order to the Republicans who have busted the myth that the GOP is the party of fiscal responsibility, and have gone on to shatter the myth that Republicans are leaders on moral issues as well. What’s next, dismantling the myth that Republicans are strong on defense? Perhaps in order to do that they would need to nominate as their presidential candidate a former cheerleader who dodged the draft by having his father get him into the National Guard from which he later went AWOL, and as a VP nominee a man who avoided the war through the judicious application of 5 separate deferments. Nah…that would be too much for even me to believe…

Notoriously Conservative said...

First of all, I notice you steered well clear of adressing the liberal media. Probably wise, with no foot to stand on.

Second, it's not news to any republican or conservative to say that the party has steered away from it's base, and has been less than fiscally responsible, and in all ways socially and financially conservative.

But to say the myth is busted, and we are not the party to represent those values and views begs the question, then who is? Certainly not the democratic party with ear mark spending, a 9% approval rate in congress, support of gay marriage, abortion, and safe sex "education."

Republican's have been less than enthused with the choice of Sen. John McCain, but have been comforted by his promises to return to his conservative roots, and by his selection of Sarah Palin.

As far as her daughter is concerned, I think it would be wise for democrats to leave that one alone. If family is a measure of ones capability in office, who do you think would lose that battle?

I don't think Obama would fare well with his half brother living on a dollar a month, and countless other siblings he knows nothing about. Not to mention the fact his mother was unwed, and 17 when she had little Barry.

Or perhaps we could mention Biden, and his brother, currently indited for fraud, or his previous attempts at the presidency being derailed because of his dishonest dealings.

No my liberal friend, this is one argument you don't want to have, because you will lose. The republican party may have faltered, but it has not lost its place as the fiscally and morally responsible party.

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