Bristol Palin

Is it just me, or are you kind of nauseated at the way the media has been obsessing over Sarah Palin’s 17 year old daughter, Bristol, being pregnant? The girl is five months pregnant, and engaged. This was no secret, and was never meant to be.

What has the media and the lefties in such a tizzy? Is it that she hasn’t aborted the baby? Given his record, I’m sure Obama wouldn’t object to killing a baby, even if she is five months pregnant. “How dare this 17 year old have a child, she is too young, and irresponsible!” “The right thing to do is put the mother and baby out of their misery, by aborting the baby.” Well, if abortion is the answer, then we wouldn’t have our dear, sweet Obama. You see, his mother was 17 and unwed when she got her eggo preggo. What if she had aborted you Mr. Obama?

Perhaps they are upset because they think that if she can’t even keep her daughters pants on, how will she run a country. Furthermore, what an awful woman for neglecting her family, and focusing too much on her job. “This is what happens when a family is neglected by their mother!” Well, if that’s the case, that makes you sexist hypocrites.

Lefties idealize feminists that are strong, and independent, that work their way up the ladder, and shatter glass ceilings. That is to say, they love them, if they are liberals. But if those women worked their way up, not through government help, lawsuits, and equal opportunity employment, then they are despised, and reviled. So when a woman finally does what you have preached, but by other means, you tear her down. That makes you hypocrites.

If you say it is her fault that she hasn’t been there enough for her child, and that’s why she is pregnant, that makes you a sexist. Why is it her fault? Is all blame on the mother? What about the father? What about the daughter herself? What about the boyfriend? Hell, what about society as a whole? Perhaps the cause of her abortion was the influence of your liberal pals in Hollywood, pushing sex and glamour like it was candy.

Perhaps you are so focused on it, because you believe it is immoral, and this woman could not possibly be a good conservative if she has a pregnant, unwed daughter. Do you really want to go there? Ok, I mean we can, I have no problem with it. In his book “Dreams of My Father” Obama wrote that at age 17 he was doing blow, getting high, and drinking heavily.

At age 17, Obama’s Mama was knocked up with her little Barry.

Joe Biden’s son, and brother are accused in two lawsuits of defrauding a former business partner and an investor of millions of dollars in a hedge fund deal that went sour. But were is the 24/7 media coverage? Why is the Washington Post the only one that seems to care?

Maybe we could talk about Obama’s support of partial birth abortion, or his voting against the born alive bill. Perhaps we could say that Obama shouldn’t be president, because it would take him away from his family, and a man’s place is in the home. In fact, he has been so busy, that he hasn’t had the time to send a dollar bill to his half brother in Africa, effectively doubling his monthly income. Obama, please, for all our sakes, drop out of the race, and take care of your family.

Lefties, word of advice, drop the attacks on Sarah Palin and her daughter, it will only hurt you in the end. It makes you look petty, and only serves to highlight your own immorality and shortcomings.


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