Why I Love President Bush

The same reason so many people hate President Bush, is the reason I love him: he doesn’t care about making people mad, he simply does what he believes is right, and doesn’t let the media, or anyone else sway him. Now, I may not always agree with President Bush and his decisions, I respect the fact that he is acting the way he believes is right, and I know for a fact that he has America’s best intentions in mind.

Currently it doesn’t take much effort to find someone making fun of the President; you can just turn on The Daily Show, with that moron John Stewart. But I think 20,50, and 100 years from now people will realize what an amazing man and President he was. Dubya wasn’t in office long before our Nation was attacked. But instead of just pulling a Clinton and firing a couple of cruise missiles their way, he waged war on the terrorists and their assets, revamped the government agencies responsible for protecting our country, and helped steer the economy through the blows brought by 9/11.

A lot of arguments can be made concerning his terrorist policies, but they can all be answered by one thing, we have not lost a single life to a terrorist on American soil since.


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