Progress in Iraq

So this morning Yahoo had a headline about how $40 million was wasted on an Iraq prison, that was never used. It also had two smaller headlines about how the spending on the war is reaching spending levels of the Vietnam war, and a third article about how 22,000 US soldiers have called suicide hot lines this year. So by the third article, the vein on my forehead started to throb. Why is no one in the mainstream media talking about the overwhelming success in Iraq? They totally ignore the war until something bad comes up, and ignore the fact that fewer and fewer of our soldiers are dying, and fewer and fewer terrorists are out there to make those attacks. No one talks about the fact that Iraq is well on it's way to rebuilding vital infrastucture, and it's military and police forces. Nope, instead, why not report on all the money we are spending? Funny, spending money on leftist issues, to the point of the largest spending deficit in history doesn't seem to bother them, but $40 million on an underused prison? Well that's enough to call for President Bush's head. I wonder if this kind of one sided reporting could have any thing to do with the enormous drop in ad revenue for the leftist media? Just a thought.

Listen morons, I don't know what gave you the idea that the majority of American's share your far out there liberal views, but they don't. Furthermore, a large percent of those that do share your views, spend all their time protesting things, attending drum circles and playing hacky-sack. That means they don't have the money to buy your papers, subscribe to your magazines, or buy a tv. You want to make money? Hows about not ignoring the views of the GOP, capitalist, money making elite you despise so much?


Daniel said...

Great minds think alike! I saw the same article on Yahoo and thought the exact same thing. I thought, "Boy, they are really digging deep to find something wrong with Iraq. Isn't it actually a GOOD thing the prison is empty! The fact that the army predicted needing to imprison many more enemy combatants then they are currently means the war is going well. Not that the army is full of idiots."


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