The Government, and Planning for the Future

“If you restrict the supply of energy (gasoline) and demand continues to grow, what will happen to the price of energy (gasoline)? I expect most readers would answer, ‘The price will rise.’ The only class of Americans who continue to not answer that question correctly is the U.S. Congress. Why do old farmers continue to plant fruit and nut trees, even though they may not be productive in their lifetimes? Why do business people, particularly entrepreneurs, make investments that may not pay off for many years in the future? On the other hand, why do so many politicians promote policies that will cause great harm in future years? Farmers and business people tend to have long time horizons and care about future generations, while too many in the political class are narcissists and care only about the political cycle or maybe even the 24-hour news cycle. As the predictable financial and energy problems have demonstrated, if politicians were to act more like farmers and entrepreneurs, the people would be far better off.”
—Richard W. Rahn


Daniel said...

As I stated in a different comment, politicians don't do what would be the most beneficial for the American people because they push their party's agenda. (That is why they are elected by a party, so they will push their agenda.) This is actually both good and bad. Good because it ensures one party will not impose their will. Bad because we get multiple parties fighting instead of results.

When it comes to energy I think that we need to look to the private sector and not the government. The government should ensure the private sector can operate and thrive, not attempt to become the private sector through bloated programs which yield no results. (Small government = good)

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