Media Bias and the War in Iraq

Below is an article by (link found here), talking about how the media has basically stopped reporting on the war in Iraq, since there are no longer a lot of juicy details about how we are losing.

I freaking hate the media, I really do. Newsbusters also recently posted a story about David Letterman, accusing the Bush Administration of war crimes (found here). I have two arguments, first, what happened to the news being news, and not leftist opinion advertised as news? If you don't have actual, factual news to report, then don't report anything. Don't replace actual journalism with propaganda, and rhetoric. And if they simply must spew their pathetic opinions, then at least advertise it as opinion! There is a reason that left leaning newspapers like the New York Times are losing revenue. According to Financial, second quarter profits for the NYT's is down 82% (found here). That's because they are liberal, they spout the same democratic talking points over and over, and people are sick of it. There is a reason no one watches CNN, MSNBC, etc., and instead turn to Fox News. People are sick of it.

My second argument is, this war is going really freaking well, and the media is just ignoring it. All those arguments about George Bush being a moron, and getting us into another Vietnam are suddenly discredited, yet people just kind of pretend that they never said such things. People like Obama that bashed Bush, the war, and the troop surge, are now quietly back peddling, denying, and covering their tracks, hoping that no one will notice what giant morons they were.

Anyway, enjoy the article below:

Reporters Flee Iraq As Casualties Plummet
By Craig Bannister -
July 23, 2008 - 16:52 ET

The number of embedded reporters in Iraq has plummeted 74 percent over the past nine months, from 219 in September 2007 to a low of 58 in June, as U.S. troop casualties have plunged, according to Department Of Defense data analysis by Staff Writer Kevin Mooney. U.S. casualties were down 84 percent in May and 75 percent in June from year-ago numbers, for example.

The number of embedded reporters peaked in September 2007, the month Gen. David Petraeus testified in Congress that the surge strategy was working and that violence was decreasing in the country. Immediately following Gen. Petraeus' testimony came the largest single-month drop off in embedded reporters in October -- from 219 to 78.

At the time, Petraeus's testimony was met with derision by some prominent Democratic members of Congress. "The reports that you provide to us really require the willing suspension of disbelief," Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-N.Y), then a presidential candidate told him. "In any of the metrics that have been referenced in your many hours of testimony, any fair reading of the advantages and disadvantages accruing post-surge, in my view, end up on the downside."

"I ask you to take off your rosy glasses," Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) told Petraeus. "We are sending our troops where they're not wanted, where there's no end in sight."


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