Defense Spending

So I wanted to talk about a common argument I often hear from Libs. "The Bush administration in bankrupting our economy, with the war in Iraq/The Military/Defense Spending." Alright, well let’s look at this. The United States Government budget for the 2008 fiscal year is in the ballpark of $2.9 Trillion. According to, the defense spending for the Bush Administration is $647 Billion, or about 1/6 of the Government’s budget, or 4.4% of the GDP.

What's the issue? The fact is, national defense is a true duty of the Government, it's in the Constitution, they should be spending all the money necessary to keep us safe. If Libs want to save money, what about trimming the fat from the things the government shouldn't be doing in the first place? The Federal Governments role, according to the constitution, is for things like defense, policing and keeping the peace, and providing a fair legal/judical system. These functions, when provided properly, don’t discriminate, they are meant to protect everyone, equally.

Where as, so many other government programs and “functions” discriminate between rich and poor, black and white, old and young. So what about the Trillions they spend on social welfare, handing goodies out, as if it is their money to give, and not our hard earned money they tax from us?

So quit whining about Government spending on one of the few things the Government should actually be spending money on; they get very few things right, so let’s encourage them when they do.


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