Obama Carnival Game

So a church carnival in PA had a dart game where you threw darts at a resemblance of BHO. Apparently some people thought it was offensive, so they took it down. I find it all pretty amusing. Do you imagine the game would have been taken down, if it was a picture of GWB? Doubt it.


Dean_L said...

Maybe the lesson is that, as conservatives we need to pretend to be as thin-skinned as liberals really are. If it had been a picture of Bush how many conservatives would have rolled their eyes, muttered 'idiots!' under their breath and moved along instead of complaining that it was offensive?

If we are going to try to level the playing field we have to reverse a Saul Alinsky tactic against liberals - make them live up to their own rhetorical standards, since they won't live up to our moral standards.

Either that, or leave the Obama carnival game up. After all, it probably would have helped the economy.

Anonymous said...

They should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. We need to start coming down on these insane people and stop allowing such obvious racist hatefulness to go unpunished. This crap is not okay!!!!

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